The bashupload is a place to upload files from command line or other ways and download them elsewhere.

How to upload file to server

If you want to upload file to server, you have multiple options, but let's take a look on the most efficient one.

Everything goes in 2 steps. First, you upload a file to by dragging it on the web app area or doing so from command line:

curl -T /var/file.txt

or using raw data and directly specifying file name:

curl --data-binary @/var/file.txt

After you'll see instructions on how to download that file on your server:

Uploaded 1 file, 7 bytes


You can also open that in broser:

You'll need to just copy the code to the command line on your server:


Consider encrypting your files before uploading to bashupload to ensure security if it's critical.

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